Hide Vimeo ads and upgrade CTA

Good software, happy user

I like quality software. Supporting them by paying a fair contribution for the service is good thing and makes everybody happy. Being a Pro you decide wisely what software and what plan suits your business – buy it, use it, done.

Vimeo, I am outraged

Vimeo is the industries leading video hosting and management tool for professionals. And it seems they not trusting their clients making a consitent choice regarding the plan they’ve chosen. So they display upgrading offer even for already paying customers that obviously have by fact no need for it?
That’s unjustified overshot of marketing activities and lacks respect to your customers – Especially because you place the ads many times on every page.


I do not agree with this practice and perceive it as a disrespectful behavior against my decision to use Vimeo.

Tutorial for hiding the ads and upgrade offers

Download Stylebot Extention for Google Chrome Browser


Add and apply CSS 

  1. Go to vimeo.com and log in
  2. Add Stylebot to add the following CSS:
a[href*="/upgrade"] {
  display: none;
div.video_manager__column.video_manager__column--left section:last-child>div>div>div>span>div>div:last-child {
  display: none;
Congratulations, you’re now an ad free paying user.
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